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 Lubricant package >> T5023 high pressure anti wear hydraulic oil compound
T5023 high pressure anti wear hydraulic oil compound
Lubricant package
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T5023 high pressure anti wear hydraulic oil compound
Large engineering machinery T5023 high pressure antiwear hydraulic oil additive is suitable for various uses of the high pressure hydraulic system, can also be used in hydraulic system with vane pump and piston pump (the vane pump pressure can reach 17.5MPa, piston pump pressure can reach 34..5MPa), can also be used for other high negative charge of mechanical lubrication.
Plus low dose, good economy.
Antiwear and excellent oxidation resistance, good anti emulsification and anti rust properties.
Experimental method of the quality index of the measured value of the project
Density (20 C) Kg/m 1098.7 fand measured GB/T1884
The kinematic viscosity (100 DEG C), mm - /s 7.78 GB/T265 measured
Flash point (opening), not less than 90 DEG C for 120 GB/T3536
Moisture, m% 0.04 is not greater than 0.10 GB/T260
Mechanical impurities, m% 0.036 is not greater than 0.08 GB/T511
Sulfur content, m% 4 is not less than 3.5 SH/T0303
Phosphorus content, m% 2 is not less than 1.5 SH/T0296
Nitrogen content% (m/m) 0.55 measured SH/T0224
The use of T5023 composite agent modulation of hydraulic oil to add T901 5-20ppm anti foam agent, the first increase in oil and anti foam agent, after adding the compound agent, adjust the oil temperature to 60-70. The shelf life of the product is two years.
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