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Petro-chemical status in the national economy
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Developed petrochemical industry is an important backbone of modern industry. Starting from the oil and gas, to produce a series of intermediates, plastics, synthetic fibers, synthetic rubber, synthetic detergent, solvents, paints, pesticides, dyes, medicines and people's livelihood and other important products are closely related. 80 years, in the industrial developed countries, the output value of the chemical industry usually accounts for 6% of GDP to 7%, 7% of gross industrial output value accounted for ~ 10%; and sales of petrochemical products of all chemical products accounted for about 45% , the ratio is great.

1. Petrochemicals are the main suppliers of energy.

Production of petroleum refining gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, heavy oil and natural gas is currently the main suppliers of primary energy. In 1995 China produced 10 million tons of fuel oil for 8. At present, the world consumption of oil and natural gas account for about 60% of the volume of total energy consumption; in our country due to the use of a large quantity of coal, oil consumption is less than 20%. Petrochemical energy mainly for automobiles, tractors, aircraft, marine vessel, boiler fuel, a small amount of fuel for civilian use. Constraints of our energy is a factor in national economic development, petrochemical industry consumes about 8.5 percent of total energy, should continue to reduce energy consumption.

2. Petroleum and Chemical Industry is one of the pillars of

Metals, inorganic non-metallic materials and polymer composite material, known as the three materials. Provided by the world's petrochemical polymer composite materials is currently producing approximately 145 million tons, in 1996, China has more than 8,000,000 tons. In addition to synthetic materials, petrochemical industry also provided the vast majority of organic chemical raw materials, chemical industry in the area are, in addition to the provision of chemical mineral chemical products, petro-chemical production of raw materials, to show their talents in various sectors.

3. Petrochemical promoted the development of agriculture

Agriculture is the basic industry of China's national economy. Nitrogen provided by the petrochemical industry accounted for 80% of the total amount of fertilizer, agricultural plastic film to promote the use of, together with the rational use of pesticides, as well as a large number of agricultural machinery required for all types of fuel, the formation of the petrochemical industry to support agriculture, the main force.

Petrochemicals can create a higher economic efficiency. In the United States, five billion U.S. dollars to the oil and gas raw materials, the 10 billion U.S. dollars to produce olefins, benzene, oil and other basic chemicals, a further 24 billion U.S. dollars processing organic intermediate products (including polymers), and finally into a 400 billion dollars in the final product. Of course, the deeper the depth of the processing of raw materials, products, more sophisticated, has been a corresponding increase in general costs.

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